Meet Ruby, Graduate Partners Science Program Winner

Ruby won first place at the Graduate Partners in Science Education program, she has a very promising future.

You participated in the Graduate Partners in Science Education program, tell us about that.

I Participated in the Graduate Partners in Science Education Program because my science teacher thought it would be a good idea to have students who love to experiment participate in a science club where they would be able to study a question that they had, do some research about it and experiment it.

What was the project you developed?

The question that I worked on for this project was “which type of fabric produces more static electricity?” I tested this out by rubbing balloons on the different types of fabric, polyester 100 percent, rayon 100 percent, nylon 100 percent, cotton 100 percent and mixed (cotton 70 percent, spandex 15 percent, nylon 15 percent) 50 times each, then I passed the balloon over a table filled up with hole punched paper. I tested this out three times with new balloons for each fabric and for the 3 trials. My results concluded that rayon was the type of fabric that produced more static electricity.

How did you do?

I went to ASU to present my project on April 20 with students from other schools around Phoenix, and I won first place and received a medal. On May 5, I was recognized by the Madison District Board and received a certificate for winning first.

Do you see a future in science for you?

Yes, I see a future of science in my career. There are two things that really interest me, science and law enforcement. For high school I will be attending Franklin fire and police. While taking classes there I would like to participate in more science programs or take science classes in other schools as an elective.

What do you think makes a great kid?

I Think a great kid is someone who puts in a lot of effort into something whether its theirs or not. Someone who is willing to take chances in any opportunity they get no matter how hard it might be. Someone who is always confident about what they do or say will receive something positive in return.

Ruby is an eighth grader at Madison Highland Prep.



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