Meet Phoebe, Boys & Girls Club Kid of the Year

Phoebe is an awesome kid and sets a good example to her peers. She gets good grades and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She is always helpful to other members and staff. She happily participates in all areas and programs on a daily basis.

Q. How long have you been attending Boys & Girls Club?

A. I have been coming to the Tolleson Boys & Girls Club for five years. I first started coming when I was six years old. I come here every day because my parents have to work, but that’s not the only reason I come to the club. I like to talk with my friends, help the staff, and participate in clubs like Torch Club, Better to Give, and Art Club.

Q. We heard that you were Kid of the Year last year, how did you feel about that?

A. I enjoyed it and I was proud of myself, but I was also nervous to get in front of other people on stage. Though I don’t like dresses at all, I did my best to dress very nicely for the event. My parents and teachers were the main reason I was Kid of the Year. My parents raised me to be a very respectful and responsible kid and my teachers pushed me toward the goal that I was trying to achieve.

Q. Can you tell us a little about Torch Club? What is that?

A. Torch Club is a club where you can learn to take responsibility for yourself and you learn to respect your friends, family, and club. I like to do community service around the club and outside of the club. Inside of the club I like to help organize books, pick up trash, and I like to help out the staff with their activities. Outside of the club I also like to help my parents around the house and at the business they run. It is important to help out other people in your community because it makes where we live a better place to be.

Q. Any plans for the future?

A. I’m still young so I may change my mind in the future, but for right now I would like to be a doctor. I am not sure what college I want to go to but I am thinking of going to Harvard or Stanford. I would like to be a doctor so I can make my parents proud, but I also would love to have a job where I can help other people. I like to go to school and I get good grades, but I hate waking up early. I’m good at all of the subjects in school although I don’t like math very much. My favorite subjects in school are social studies and science. I would like to thank In The Zona for giving me this opportunity and giving me the chance to reach out to people and share my love of helping others.

Phoebe is 11 years old.



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