Meet Mr. Ramesh Joshi, Primavera Math Instructor

Think back for a moment on every teacher you’ve had since kindergarten. Likely, you’ve had some great instructors, some maybe not.

But then there are the few teachers who stand out in your memories. They are the ones who inspired you.

Maybe they helped you believe in yourself, or perhaps they encouraged you to be something more. Either way, those instructors made a great impact on your life.

For so many students at Primavera Online High School, that teacher is Mr. Ramesh Joshi. Over the years, he’s helped struggling students excel in math. Other students discovered their passion for math and went on to be financial advisors or engineers.

For that reason, Mr. Joshi was for teacher of the year at iNACOL, the largest educational conference in the country. He was almost recognized as the teacher of the year at Primavera Online High School. Over the years, he has made a lasting impact on the 10,000 students he’s taught at Primavera.

Learn more about this incredible, dedicated teacher below.

Mr. Joshi has been with Primavera for nearly 12 years. He is from Bombay, India, and moved to Arizona more than 40 years ago. Mr. Joshi has a great love for learning. In fact, he holds two master’s degrees in engineering and mathematics. Mr. Joshi became a teacher to help adolescent learners find joy in math and learning as he does.

From my experience in engineering and technology, I really enjoy helping students reach their mathematic goals through a virtual environment that we have made possible,” said Mr. Joshi.

Mr. Joshi loves teaching in the online environment because it allows him to personally teach each student.

I enjoy the amount of participation that my students commit to,” said Mr. Joshi. “For example, students talk to me on the phone to participate in whatever situation they are in, be it at home, working in restaurants or out grocery shopping in between classes. I love being able to provide that.”

More than 1/3 of Mr. Joshi’s students request to take additional math courses with him. Part of what makes Mr. Joshi so successful as a math instructor is that he makes math applicable to real life.

I compare math to real-world examples, a satellite dish like the ones we use for our televisions for instance,” said Mr. Joshi. “Quadratic equations can be explained using their parabolic surface and the point the main focus of the dish receives its signal. Examples like these allow my students to relate to the problems in their own time, versus what they might feel is ancient or non-relatable.”

Student Testimonials for Mr. Joshi

Math is a difficult subject and, consequently, one of the least liked subjects. In fact, one in four Americans hates math. So it can be surprising that so many student’s favorite teacher is Mr. Joshi. We attribute it to his passion for teaching and devotion to his students. Our students agree, as you’ll see below.

I found that Primavera offered me the flexibility I needed with my schooling, but the easily accessible help that I got from my teachers is really what benefitted me the most,” said Meghan. “I had a hard time learning some of the material in my pre-calculus class in my senior year. My math teacher, Mr. Joshi, was willing to open up live lesson portals once a week to help me with whatever homework problems I did not understand and walk me through each step. I felt like he cared that I really learned the material and wanted to prepare me as best as he could for the quizzes and tests.” – Meghan Lyall



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