Meet Elena, Proud Member of Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix, Swift Kids Branch

Why do you think your Club nominated you?

I am a hard working person that always tries my best to get what I want and this Club has helped me reach many of my goals.  I believe my fellow members at the club look at me as a leader because I am responsible and intelligent.  I always try to help others in need, even if I can’t do much.  I am very involved at the Club even though I have a lot going on with school.  I still try to fit everything in my schedule because my Club is very important to me.

What do you do for fun?

I like to do community service every chance I get.  It gives me great pleasure to know that I’m helping someone, even if it’s a little gesture.  I enjoy playing sports.  The main sports I play are volleyball and basketball.  I also am a boxer; I have been training for a year but have not had an official fight in the ring.  I first started boxing just to lose weight but then it became a really big passion of mine.

What subject is your favorite and why?

My favorite subject at the moment is science, because it just fascinates me.  I love learning about medical and technological advancements.  We, the human race, have come so far in so little time and it amazes me the things that we can do to this day.  It makes me think about how much more we have to do and learn in the future and it just excites me.

What kind of activities are you involved with at the Club?

At the Club I am in involved in Keystone Club.  I love Keystone because of all the projects we do and the community service.  Smart Girls is also another club I have participated in and look forward to this year.  I help out the cheer squad at the Club as well.  I make cheers for them and teach them moves.  I also teach them discipline and leadership so they can work as a great team together.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan on finishing high school and then attending college.  I want to do something in the medical field or in business/marketing.  I am interested in the medical field because medicine involves a lot of science and math which I love.  I also am interested in business/marketing because I am very good with numbers and people.  I have always dreamed of having my own business.

Elena is a 10th grader at Ironwood High School.



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