Meet Competitive Swimmer, Jessica

Jessica has really blossomed at St. Thomas the Apostle over the past few years by choosing to participate in various sports, including volleyball and softball, and school talent shows. Along with being a good student at a great school, Jessica is an avid swimmer.

You are a swimmer, how long have you been competing?

I started competing when I was five years old because I had seen my older siblings compete and thought it looked fun. The first swim team I was on was a city team and after the summer ended I decided that I wanted to swim more. I asked my parents to sign me up for a club team and I really enjoyed it. I did take a year off after I turned six, but ultimately joined back up later because I missed it.

What are you competing in?

I swim for Mesa Aquatics Club. I like to compete in all the events, but my favorites are the individual medley and breaststroke events the most.

What else do you enjoy doing for fun?

When I am not at swim practice or doing my homework I enjoy reading books, listening to music, and playing other team sports for my school.

What do you like best about your school?

What I like best about my school are the amazing teachers. They work hard each and every day and help me to excel in my studies. Without my teachers I would not know how to do one of my favorite things, read!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I haven’t really thought about that yet. My current goal is to earn a swim scholarship to Stanford and hopefully one day qualify for a future Olympics.

Jessica is a sixth grader at St. Thomas The Apostle.



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