Meet Abby, Student Body President

Abby is a natural leader. As student body president, Abby is leading the student government into a positive new school year. She’s a great example to her peers and underclassman.

Q. You are currently serving as Student Body President, what responsibilities does that include?

A. One of the unique things about JMPS is the sense of community within the student body. Amidst the hard work put into academics and extra-curriculars, there is an element of familiarity and fellowship in everyday student life that my Cabinet and I strive to enhance. We organize community outreach events, fundraisers, and in­school activities in order to do so.

Q. How does it feel to be honored with the Student of the Year award in Mathematics and Literature?

A. There’s definitely a feeling of accomplishment in being given an academic award. Last year was my Lit award and the year before was my Math award. My final grades in both classes were satisfying by themselves, to say the least, but being recognized for the work I’d put in was encouraging and gratifying.

Q. What other activities are you involved in at school?

A. I participate in the casts of our plays and musicals and I sing with both the Patriot Voices and Liberty Singers choirs. I also do track and field, which is the best spring sport out there, and tap dancing.

Q. What do you like to do for fun?

A. I like reading, drawing, being with friends, and, quite honestly, watching action movies. I also play guitar and ukulele in my spare time and am constantly singing.

Q. What do you think makes a great kid?

A. I think that hard work, responsibility, integrity, humility and a drive for success are part of what makes a great kid. The other part is being able to relax, have fun, and appreciate life as it happens.

Abby is a senior at James Madison Prep School.



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