McKenna Stays Busy at Horizon Honors High School

Q. You are one busy lady! Tell us all the activities you are involved in. Which one is your favorite (and why?)

A. I am involved in my school’s Spiritline and Softball teams and hold captain positions in both. I also participate in a large amount of clubs within school, some of which I hold a leadership position. These clubs include: Choir Council where I am the President, Student Council where I am the Senior Secretary Treasurer, National Honor Society, Pre- Med Club, Wilderness Club, I am an Orientation Guide, and I am on the leadership team for the Horizon Honors Relay For Life Committee. I am also the member of the Phoenix Girls Chorus outside of school. My favorite activity would have to be the Phoenix Girls Chorus because it gives me real life experience as well as providing a musical education and the opportunity to travel the world to sing.

Q. One of your passion projects is your school’s annual Relay for Life event. What are your plans for the 2018 event?

A. This year for the Horizon Honors Relay For Life event we are looking to expand our reach to all members of our community. The leadership team for this year’s Relay event had the wonderful opportunity to attend an American Cancer Society Summit this past weekend. We were able to learn a lot of new fundraising and community engagement tactics, as well as how to enhance our, already amazing, Horizon Honors Relay For Life. I am very exited to see where this year’s leadership team leads us.

Q. You sing in your school choir, but you are also a proud member of The Phoenix Girls Chorus. Tell us about that experience.

A. I started the Phoenix Girls Chorus when I was in 6th Grade, starting in the third highest choir. Through the years I was able to make lasting connections and friendships with people outside of my Horizon Honors community. The chorus has also given me real life experience through their competitive fundraisers. Within my time at the chorus I have raised more than six thousand dollars for this non-profit organization. I have loved being able to grow with my fellow singers and travel the world with them.

Q. Any advice for freshman just learning how to juggle the high school experience?

A. My advice for freshman when it comes to juggling all your activities is to just do what you love, manage your time, and get out there. Being an active part of your school community is a great way to make your high school years enjoyable. However, you have to be able to plot out your schedule and make time for everything so you can be successful in everything you do.

Q. What are your plans after high school?

A. After high school I plan on attending Arizona State University and studying some mixture of “Political Science” and “Non-Profit Organization and Management” with an introduction into pre-law. I am currently a member of the Cancer Action Network (a sister organization of American Cancer Society) and planning to become more involved with that organization and the wonderful work that they do, after high school.



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