Matthew Travels to Dominican Republic to Donate Clothes to Orphanges

Q. How long were you in the Dominican Republic?

A. I was in the Dominican Republic with my family for six days.

Q. How did it feel helping those in need?

A. It felt really good to help the people in need because it was really

good to know that we clothed someone or fed a family for at least a couple of days.

Q. What was your favorite part about going to the Dominican Republic with your family?

A. My favorite part of the trip was seeing all the kids. They were all so happy and grateful when we gave them something as simple as a shirt. 

Q. Would you want to go back if you had the chance?

A. I would definitely go back any time because there are so many people that need help, and I really want to help as many of them as possible. 

Q. What did you learn from being in the Dominican Republic?

A. I learned how much I have and how many things I have that I take for granted and how little the people there have. I definitely feel very lucky and blessed!

Mathew is currently a 6th grader at Saint Thomas the Aquinas



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