Mason Elected STA Activities Officer for Student Council

In addition to being an outstanding student, Mason is an excellent athlete. She has a strong work ethic and is a wonderful role model for our younger students. Mason was recently elected as Activities Officer for Student Council?

Q. Tell us about your recent election as Activities Officer for Student Council?

A. I recently ran for activities officer for student council. Every candidate who ran had to do an interview, teacher evaluations, write a speech, and make posters. All of this took time and effort. I was not afraid of loosing but I put all of my confidence into the speech that I wrote. I was super excited when I got elected and promised myself that I would be the best officer I can be.

Q. What are some of your duties?

A. Some of my duties as activities officer are to run intramurals, be a part in the STA spirit rallies, run lunchtime activities during spirit week, and most importantly to constantly be involved in the STA community.

Q. Tell us about your club soccer participation with the Blackhawks? What position do you play? How long have you played? What is your favorite thing about playing soccer?

A. This year is my second playing for Blackhawks soccer and my third year playing club soccer. I love being on my team and enjoy soccer very much. I play both outside midfield and center midfield. My favorite thing about playing soccer is getting out on the field each game and being active.

Mason is in the eighth grade at Saint Thomas the Apostle



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