Mark Talks Tae Kwon Do and School Clubs

Mark is a good friend to his peers. He loves to ride bikes and scooters. He is into Tae Kwon Do and wants to be a black belt. He participates in basketball, Pokemon club and JB Sports at school. 

Q. You are in Tae Kwon Do..what do you like best about TKD? What belt are you in now? What belt do you aspire to work up to?

A. I currently have a yellow belt and am working toward a black belt. My favorite move is high kicks.

Q. Where do you practice TKD? What has been your favorite move to learn?

A. I go to JSK TaeKwonDo with Mister Jo. I like learning self-defense moves so I can protect myself. I like teaching my family as well so we can be safe.

Q. What is your favorite thing about attending CCS?

A. I love CCS because they have fun clubs. I am in the Pokemon Club, running club, JB Sports and Cubs Club (they travel around the city to different game and sports venues). I love my teacher Mrs. Porter because she makes learning fun and easy. I love Coach Perri because they play a lot of different sports and creative games like marshmallow dodge ball. 

Q. Tell us what Global Family Philanthropy is? What is your involvement in this? 

A. Global Family Philanthropy: Our family works with this organization. My Dad and brother visited Haiti last June. I filled Christmas treat bags for the underserved children at Sunnyslope. I want to play with and help the kids with their homework since they have limited resources.

(You can visit the website at

Q. What do you aspire to be when you grow up?

A. I want to be a gamer. I like to play video games, teach other kids how to play and develop new games.

Mark is a third grader at Christ Church School.



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