Madison Simis Student, Emma, Talks Girl Scouts and Chicks!

Q. Your are involved in Girl Scouts and gymnastics at Arizona Sunrays tell us about that?

A. This is my first year in Girl Scouts. I am a Brownie in troop 4496. A lot of the girls in my troop are in class with me at Simis. I think my troop is really awesome and I can’t wait for next year! Right now, I take gymnastics at Simis after school. The teachers come to my school and they teach us gymnastics in the cafeteria. They bring a bunch of equipment like balance beams, the bar, and the cheese mat. Coach Rachel is the best!

Q. What is your favorite part of Girl Scouts?

A. My favorite part of Girl Scouts is everything because we get to do so many fun and cool things! If I had to pick one thing that I really liked, I would pick the hiking trip that we did at North Mountain. We learned a lot of outdoor safety tips. It was super cool because we all made it to the top of the trail as a troop. After we came down, we got to eat a healthy snack and play on the playground.

Q. How long have you been taking gymnastics? What is currently your favorite event in gymnastics?

A. I have done gymnastics classes on and off for the past couple of years. My favorite thing is cartwheels. I also like to do casts. My coaches are fun and they do a good job teaching our class.

Q. What are your favorite parts of Simis School?

A. I am really glad that I go to Simis because we have a lot of fun classes. My favorite class is Art. Mr. Bilger is my art teacher and he teaches us a lot of cool art techniques. I also like music. We just had our 2nd grade music performance and we sang songs from different countries and cultures. My teacher is Ms. Krumm and she is really nice. This year in class, we learned all about the presidents of the United States. The president that I researched was Harry S. Truman.

Q. Do you have any exciting plans this summer?

A. I am going to Washington, D.C. this summer. I think it will be a blast! I can’t wait to see all of the different museums and monuments. I really want to see the Lincoln Memorial and the cherry trees. I also want to see where the president lives.

Q. Tell us about your new chickens.

A. I have four chickens. Two of them are big and the other two are still little chicks. The big chickens names are Penny and Fluffy. The little chicks are names Ivy and Franky. Penny and Fluffy live in a coop in our backyard and they like to forage for bugs in our garden. Ivy and Franky are still in the brooder because they don’t have all of their feathers yet. Once they get bigger and they have all of their feathers, they will get to live outside in the coop with Penny and Fluffy. Even though Penny and Fluffy are bigger they are not old enough to lay eggs yet. Once they get older, they will lay eggs. Their eggs are supposed to blue or green. I have never seen a blue or green egg so I can’t wait!

Emma is a second grader at Madison Simis Elementary School.



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