Madison Dances Her Way to Disneyland Performance

Madison is a natural performer and it shows. Between dancing, acting and singing she is bound to do great things. Look for her in April, she will be performing at Disneyland!

How long have you been dancing? At what age did you know you wanted to start?

I have been dancing for eight years. I started at the age of three as my mom knew I had a passion for dancing.

You’ve been on screen? Tell us a little about that.

I have been on screen for Nickelodeon before doing a live commercial at the San Diego Comic Con at age seven. It aired for that week. It was so amazing and a dream come true for me.

What other things do you enjoy besides dancing?

I love to act, sing, and play music on my guitar and piano.

What goals do you have for the future?

To eventually make it into Juilliard and study my love for dancing, singing and acting. My dream is to be a movie star and get cast in a Broadway show.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting a dancing career?

To work hard and don’t doubt yourself. Dancing is a form of expression and there is no wrong way.

Madison is a sixth grader at Freedom Academy.

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