Madison Heights Brothers, Brady and Ronan Featured in Wizard of Oz


Recently, Madison Heights students Brady and Ronan Lord were featured in the Phoenix Theater’s production of Wizard of Oz. Since a young age, these brothers have both enjoyed having an audience and worked to foster their acting skills through various camps and workshops. The Wizard of Oz was their first professional show, and they performed 19 times in November and December 2015! Both were cast as munchkins, singing “Munchkinland/Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead” and “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.”

Brady, in second grade and Ronan, in third grade, were among 150 kids who auditioned. Ultimately, only 12 children were cast as munchkins and both brothers were thrilled with their experience. Brady reported that his favorite part of the experience was making new friends, and Ronan echoed that. “I enjoyed all of it – meeting fellow actors, singing, and dancing. That’s just what I like”, he said.

Madison values art and music education and works tirelessly to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn, practice, and showcase their creativity. Brady and Ronan both plan to attend Madison’s Signature Performing Arts Program, located at Madison #1 Middle School.



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