Lorenzo Talks Sports and Travels


Lorenzo thinks CCS is “the best school ever”, former karate student at JSK, rec. soccer with Madison Futball Club, tennis at Gold Key Racquet Club, snowboarding, new dog owner of his seven month old dog, computer gaming and aspirations of having his own YouTube channel, enjoys his time in Italy and likes to travel anywhere with friends and family.

Q: You are involved in A LOT! Soccer, Racquet Club, snowboarding. Tell us about some of the activities you are involved in?

A: I like playing tennis all year. Snowboarding too! I go every winter, sometimes in Italy and sometimes in Arizona or Colorado. Soccer is fun too. I played with Madison Futbol Club this past year the first time. I used to do Taekwondo at JSK too for a while.  Of course I like video games too.

Q: What seems to be your favorite?

A: My favorite sport is tennis, I think it’s fun and exciting. I go to The Gold Key Raquet club. My uncles are good tennis players and we play in Italy and here when they visit. My mom and I play sometimes also.

Q: Tell us about your travels to Italy?

A: I’m lucky we have a place to go in Italy. We have family there. I go every year in summer and sometimes in winter too. I love going to Italy. We have a cool place to live and it’s so close to

the beach. It’s nice going to the beach, the swimming pool and restaurants. I go snorkeling and eat really good fish. We can go on boat trips and swim in the sea. We have cool dinner parties and great food with our family and friends on the terrazzo. We go out with my family and friends and have a lot of fun. We go to the country and stay all together at the house in the country and go into town for lunch and dinner. We play outside. We have fields and a forest there to explore. We can go see the cows and other animals nearby too.

Q: You want to have your own YouTube channel. What would your videos be about? What is your favorite YouTube channel right now?

A: Yes. I want my YouTube channel to be about gaming because I am a pretty good gamer. I think I will be good at it too. My favorite YouTube channel right now is diamond Minecart. I like it because it

always makes me laugh.”

Q: Why do you think CCS is the “best school ever”?

A: I think CCS is the best school because they have great teachers and cool subjects. My favorite, I think, is math. We do cool projects too. We did a shoebox project that was fun. I also like the after school classes, they are all very fun.” It’s really nice.”

Q: Do you have any travel plans this summer? 

A: This summer I will go to more than Italy. I think we are going to Mexico to

visit friends and go to the beach. We will go 4-wheeling too. California will be cool, we will go to Universal Studios and some other places too. We will also go to the mountains here also. It will be fun, because I can bring my dog with me to the mountains.

Lorenzo is a second grader at Christ Church School



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