Linda Gets Chosen as Grade Level Ambassador for Her School

Lyndi was chosen as her grade level ambassador to the administration and community this past year. She now represents the third grade at The Odyssey Preparatory Academy and has been doing a wonderful job leading the morning announcements, pledge and core values.

Q.  Tell us about your most recent position as grade level ambassador?
A. When I heard them say my name for this award, I didn’t hear what the award was.  Then I saw my name on the paper and I was really excited.  I was showing all of my friends.  I was so happy to be chosen.  My brother was Ambassador last year and I think it is kind of cool that he did it last year and I get to do it this year.

 Q.  What did you do to earn this position?   
A. Well, you have to be well-rounded and nice.

 Q.  What types of responsibilities does this position give you?   
A. You should always smile and you are expected to follow the rules, like being a good example.  When I get to school, I go to my classroom and drop off my stuff.  Then I go to the office and do the announcements, the pledge of allegiance, and the core values with two other people.  Every month, usually a Thursday, we go into the gym and read nominations and awards that students have received.  It is during our Kudos assembly.

Q.  If you had any super power what would it be?   
A. I would like to be a shape-changer where I could change into animals.  It would be so cool to talk to animals and be able to help them.  If I were a shape-changer, I could see what they need and help them.   Our puppy is always barking and I would like to know what she needs.

 Q.  You play soccer in your spare time, how long have you been playing? What position do you play? What is your favorite part of the sport?
A. I have played soccer for a couple of years.  I play every position, but I really like defense and goalie.  Halftime snacks and the party at the end are my favorite part.

Linda is a third grader at The Odyssey Preparatory Academy

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