Liam Shows Courage at Ground Breaking Ceremony

Liam is involved in the ambassador club at his school. He was recently asked, last minute, to give a speech about Odyssey Preparatory School at a ground-breaking ceremony for a new campus that is opening. He did a great job of representing his school and explaining why he thinks Odyssey is great.

Q: Tell us about the speech you gave at the ground breaking for a new Odyssey campus?

A: My speech was about how I love Odyssey so much and what a bright future it has ahead of it. I enjoy the teachers and the way they challenge and encourage me.

Q: Did you get scared talking in front of a big crowd?

A: Yes, a little, but I got used to it after the first 30 seconds. I just remembered to breathe.

Q: You play football, what position do you play? How long have you been playing?

A: I play flag football and change positions depending on what the team needs. In previous years, I played running back but this year I play center and quarterback. I have been playing for five years.

Q: What is your favorite subject in school and why?

A: My favorite subject is physical education. I love running and sports. My second favorite is math, because I am good at it.

Q: What are the best things about attending The Odyssey Preparatory Academy?

A: The curriculum is advanced and it keeps my interest in all my subjects.

Q: Tell us about the Ambassador program you are involved in at school? What types of responsibilities do you have with this program?

A: The Ambassador program is a club type setting for scholars who are over achievers (that’s what my teachers say). We sell the holiday grams, we volunteer at school activities and help other students. We have to be well behaved and keep our grades above a C in order to stay in the club. We show leadership, respect and honesty.

Liam is a fifth Grader at The Odyssey Preparatory Academy – Buckeye.



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