Lennik Wins Phoenix City Kindergarten Chess Championship


Lennik has been attending PCDS since pre-K. He plays chess in the PCDS after-school chess club and recently became champion in the kindergarten section of the Best of Phoenix City Championship, giving him the opportunity to soon compete for PCDS in the Chess National Championship in Florida. Lennik loves playing with Legos at home and also attended the PCDS after-school Lego Club. He also really enjoys reading and being read to. Special interests of his are the Titanic, aviation and space.

Swimming is Lennik’s favorite sport. He used to take lessons at Hubbard Family swim school and afterwards achieved a swim diploma in Germany. Now he is in the PCDS after-school swim class. He also enjoys riding his bike and started learning how to play the piano. He has also participated in the after-school the yoga class and after-school Spanish. Lennik is fluent in German! He spends his summers in Germany and also attends a regular German school during the summer months. Lennik is energetic, outgoing and always eager to learn something new. He also is very compassionate about people around him.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about Kindergarten?

A. My favorite thing about kindergarten is “choice time”. During “choice time” you can pick any off the activities offered. You can do kitchen, light table or snack. I usually do Legos or Magma Tiles. Right now, my friends and I are building ice breakers.

Q. Do you have a favorite Lego project?

A. I like to build everything with Legos. I like building houses. My favorite project is building airplanes or space ships.

Q. Florida sounds exciting! Is your whole family going with you?

A. Yes, my whole family is going: my mom, dad, my two sisters and my brother Jonas. 

Q. Who taught you to play chess? Do you play with anyone at home?

A. All three of my older siblings play chess. They taught me and we also sometimes play at home, but not a lot.

Q. What do you look forward to the most about spending summers in Germany?

A. I like that there are no spiders and no scorpions. I look forward to seeing my grandparents and their cats Pele and Balu. My granddad takes me to ride the trains and the boat. I really enjoy riding my bike there. I ride my bike everywhere, to the ice-cream pallor, to the pizza place and to school. In school, I’m looking forward to see my German friends again. I am excited, because my German classmates and I will have an overnight stay in the classroom. We will bake pizza, go swimming and will have flashlights. I also like the field trips into the woods.

Lennik is in kindergarten at Phoenix Country Day School.



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