Learn All About Kirsten and Her Animals

What makes Kirsten a wonderful kid is her kindness and her courage to stand up for herself and those who are important to her. Kirsten loves animals of all kinds and is hoping to be an animal rescuer when she grows up.

Q. We heard you love animals, tell us about all of the animals that you have?

A. Well to start with I have eight dogs: two Chihuahuas, Crystal and Fouffy, two Pit Bulls, Delgado and Cuttles, one Golden/Lab mix, Sidney, one Griffon, Sputnick, one Pekinese, Sam, one Lhasa Apso, Vinny. I also have two rabbits, a girl and boy. The boy is white and named Whip Cream, the girl is brown and her name is Chip. I have a bearded dragon named Mac Arena and he is about one year old. I have eight fish (no names). I have one Mustang named Geronimo, one little pony named Pali, one mule named Sierra, one Quarter Horse named Princess. Three lambs, Ana, Bell and Bill. Also eight cows: Tasha, Dotes, Diamond and baby cows for sale named Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Ribbon, Valentine. And over 100 chicken.

Q. You train, buy and sell animals too, tell us more about that.

A. I train dogs and horses for fun. And I breed cows and sell the babies. I usually sell them for 500­-1000 dollars. I have an agility course for dogs and for horses. I do gymkhana.

Q. What else do you like to do for fun?

A. I do horse back riding, and ride my scooter. I am learning drums, guitar, piano, and bass guitar. I love to sing.

Q. What do you like about your school? What is your favorite subject?

A. I like this school because the teachers are great and everyone is my friend. My two best friends are Tony Holck in eighth grade and Catie Faulkner in seventh grade. I am in sixth grade. The teachers are great because they give me lots of support and encouragement. My favorite subject is reading. I am fluent in French: Bonjour je m’appelle kirsten et j’adore mes animaux. Au revoir.

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A. Animal rescuer and re-­homing abandoned animals. AND be a horse champion rider and jockey.

Kirsten is a sixth grader at On-­Track Academy.



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