Kylee Succeeds at Lacrosse

Q. You have signed to play lacrosse at Chatham University! What are your plans at college? 
A. I plan on majoring in communications with an emphasis on journalism. I will be working with the athletic director in writing all the profiles and press releases for the athletes on campus which will be great experience. I will also have the opportunity to do a few internships with the professional teams in Pittsburgh”

Q. How did you get started playing lacrosse? 
A. I started playing lacrosse because my best friend dragged me to the informational meeting freshman year and I became instantly fascinated with the game. I then went home and watched a bunch of YouTube videos and just fell in love with sport.

Q. You are playing softball for the very first time as a senior. How is that going?
A. I am already having a blast playing a new sport! I am learning so much and I am lucky to have such supportive teammates. I planned on playing softball freshman year but I chose lacrosse instead. I now get to become a better athlete as a whole by playing two sports.

Q. What are your plans post-college? 
A. My dream job is to be on ESPN SportsCenter! I am excited to put in the time and effort needed to get to my end goal. I am going to make sure to not focus only on the destination but to enjoy the journey that I will take to get to where I want to be.

Q. As you finish up high school, any advice for younger students?
A. Take the time to realize what you want to do! That could change over the years and that is totally fine. My freshman year I wanted to be a police officer. My sophomore year I wanted to be a physical therapist. My junior year I wanted to do sports marketing. It wasn’t until I got to Horizon Honors that I realized my passion was for sports writing. So be sure to try different clubs and sports that interest you because you never know what your true passion could be.

Kylee Golden is a senior at Horizon Honors High School.



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