Kristiana Faddoul Talks Media Productions and Technology at West-MEC

Tell us about yourself and your involvement in the West-MEC Media Productions class at Raymond S. Kellis High School.

I began taking Media Productions at Raymond S. Kellis as a first semester senior and had taken the starter course, Media Technology, the second semester of my junior year. Since day one in Media Productions, I became the head anchor of our daily news program. During the first semester course of Productions, anchoring became my main  contribution to the class, yet I still worked on videos with other classmates on a regular basis. However, as time went on and I continued to take Media Productions my second semester of senior year, I became more of a leader in the class. I continued to anchor everyday, but was also teaching newer students the ropes, constantly making videos, directing, storyboarding, script writing, and filming. I just currently finished my last project of the year where I helped write, direct, and edit a short

“Film Noir” themed movie.

We hear you were also a public relations intern for West-MEC… What was that like and what did you learn from your experience?

Being a public relations intern for West-MEC was one of the greatest work experiences I could have ever asked for. Starting in late January, I came in to the West-MEC office Tuesday through Thursday every week and learned the ropes on working in the field of journalism and, of course, PR. I had crash courses on writing in AP format, professionally contacting local organizations, and writing press releases. On top of those learning experiences, I became one of West-MEC’s main “on the scene” photographers. I was constantly traveling to West-MEC school events, fashion shows, and local festivals to capture the festivities on camera. My main objective at West-MEC, however, was co-organizing the Aviation Sci-Tech Festival with my mentors, Adriana Parsons and Rachel Cohen. For that project I helped order the materials needed for the event, planned activities, and took care of the photography. Working with both Adriana and Rachel was a dream, for both ladies were kind, caring, and full of wisdom. Working with those two ladies not only helped enrich my knowledge in the world of PR, but enriched my knowledge of the world in general.

What are the benefits of enrolling in the Media Productions class for you and how does it relate to your career aspirations?

Enrolling in the Media Productions class at my high school had many benefits for me and for the career I plan to pursue. What I see for myself in the future is working for Animal Planet and  having my very own show about nature conservation and the rehabilitation of endangered species into the wild. Media Productions definitely helps with the televised portion of this dream. Through media, I have perfected my public speaking skills by doing the daily school news in front of the entire student body. These preparations for broadcasting have helped me maintain a camera friendly persona, which will be needed when being on camera for the entire world to see. Media Productions had also revealed to me what life behind the camera consists of. I have learned that no one just starts off in front of the camera in most cases, and that working behind the scenes is almost mandatory in the world of media and broadcasting. Because of my experiences in script-writing, filming, editing, and directing, I would have a chance to work behind the scenes for Animal Planet, and then hopefully work my way up to the career I hope to one day achieve. 

Who has inspired you in your life and why? 

In all honesty, my mother has been the main person to inspire me in my life. Although she is not a person who is known around the globe for an outstanding achievement or quality, she has been the greatest hero, mentor, and supporter I have ever had. My mother grew up with nothing. She lost both her parents at a young age, and grew up quite poor. Yet, among all the tragedy throughout her life, she stayed strong and never stopped working hard. She worked her way through school, and became one of Arizona’s top female nutritionists. My mother spent many years working as the head nutritionist for an organization called Naturally Women. Then once she had me, despite all the hard work she put in to gain the career she had, she gave it all up to become a mother. My mother, Kimberly Faddoul, wanted her children to live the life she never got to experience as a child and to grow up forever feeling loved. My brother and I became my mother’s life, and still are her main focus today. Her love, dedication, and sacrifices inspire me to be the best person I can be and to never give up on my dreams, no matter the obstacles and challenges life throws my way.  

What advice would you give to someone interested in pursuing Media Productions at Raymond S. Kellis High School?

If I could give advice to future students of the Media Productions class at Raymond S. Kellis, I would tell them to stay focused and be open to anything. Many of the students who take Media Productions walk in to the class assuming that the course work will be easy and that they will get to goof around the majority of the semester. Media Productions requires a lot of your time in and out of the classroom and is anything but “easy.” A student must constantly work and put much time and effort into their projects in order to get even a passing grade. Now don’t get me wrong, Media Productions is the most exciting and fun-filled class I have ever taken on the Kellis campus, but it requires much effort and sacrifice. It also requires a lot of training in multiple programs such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Sound Cut Pro. These programs have such great amount of content that it would take years upon years to master them. With that being said, I advise future students to keep an open mind when learning these programs, be willing to try new things, and most of all not be afraid to ask questions.





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