Kindergartners Love Camelback Desert School

What was the most important thing you learned in Kindergarten this year?

Olivia: I loved the STEM project and all science! We made windmills using a milk carton, a wooden stick, paper blades and a styrofoam ball. We also learned about a ramp and a pulley.

Alexa: Reading. I didn’t know how to read when I was in Pre­-K and now Ms. B taught me how to read.

Cassady: In math we built towers with cubes, cylinders, and cones.

Ethan: Reading is fun. If it’s a serious book you can learn a lot about stuff. I have read 200 books this year!

Ainsley: Mrs. Kellogg taught me about subtracting.

Austin: I made a video showing how my ramp works. If the ramp is steady enough the car can go down it.

What are you looking forward to in first grade next year?

Perry: How to read really challenging words.

Lily: I want to go on more field trips.

Cosy: In first grade you can earn some fake money and count it up to spend it in the classroom store.

Cayden: I am looking forward to math in first grade like learning about the number 50.

Chase: I want to study more science so that I can understand more about technology.

Kaycee: More homework and more math!

All are kindergartners at Camelback Desert School.



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