Kelley and her Service Dog, Sucy

Kelley has always had an affinity and love for animals, especially dogs, making a service dog a good choice to help and watch over her.  Before Sucy Kelley worked with other service dogs to learn skills such as riding on an escalator independently, navigating crowds without an adult and trying on shoes at the mall.  Sucy and Kelley have been together for two years and have worked hard to develop their task list and bond.  To Kelley, Sucy is also a friend and new adventures, including middle school, are always more fun with a friend!

What have you enjoyed most about Imagine West Gilbert?

I enjoyed all of my school – I like making new friends and recess.

How long have you had Sucy and what do you love about her?

Sucy has been with me for about two years.  I love that Sucy is so “good at working” for me and is such a beautiful puppy.

What one thing do you want people to know about you?

I would want people to know that I love to get together with friends and have fun.  I like dog training class and I am dressing up as Elsa from FROZEN for Halloween.  Sucy is going to be Sven the reindeer and my mom is dressing up as a snowflake.

What is your Favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby is swimming but I also love to dance.

What is your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject is science.

Kelley is in 6th grade at Imagine School West Gilbert



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