Kellan, Henry and Ella Love Pre-­K at STA

Our Pre-­K program provides an environment of warmth and trust where play leads to building self-esteem, problem solving, independence, creativity, and peer socialization. We introduce the wonderful world of literature, language, and imagination to students through listening and the sharing of their own stories. Children develop the skills of concentration and focusing attention on others, important stepping-­stones towards kindergarten readiness. Hands-­on math and science activities cultivate curiosity and experimentation. A strong Catholic identity at STA is infused in all we do, shaping the formation of children both spiritually and academically. Special visitors and on­-campus events inspire and connect children to a greater community and world. Teachers encourage these curious minds with exploration, discovery, and by answering countless questions!

Q. How are you liking Pre­-K?

A. Kellan: It’s awesome. I like all the toys.

Henry: I love it! I have a lot of buddies and one friend who is a girl, but she is cool because she plays blocks and pretends with me.

Ella: I love it!

Q. What activities do you do?

A. Kellan: We do prayer and pledge in the morning and we practice numbers. We play in the Friendship Garden.

Henry: We do prayers and play. We get to play on our own special playground with a huge slide that is 100 feet tall (Note to reader: the slide is about 6 feet tall). When I bump my leg, I get to go to the nurse and get ice. I like library day and getting chocolate milk when my mommy lets me have hot lunch.

Ella: Painting, playing dolls with my friends, learning colors and days of the week in Spanish.

Q. What is your favorite thing about Pre-­K?

A. Kellan: Playing.

Henry: My friends and my teacher let me have a lot of fun and I don’t want to go home until my mommy comes. Sometimes we do knock-­knock jokes that are so funny or jokes about chickens.

Ella: Both of my teachers.

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A. Kellan: A daddy.

Henry: I want to be a fireman so I can save people and have a cool firetruck. I think they get to eat beef jerky whenever they want and I love beef jerky.

Ella: A doctor for pets.

Kellan, Henry and Ella are all in Pre-­K at St. Thomas the Apostle.



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