Katie Helps Younger Classmate and Receives Bronze Cross

Katie Case, junior in Troop 872, received the Bronze Cross for risking her life and saving the life of a first grader at her school. They were waiting to load the bus when a car jumped two curbs and ran into their bus right where they were standing. Katie saw the car approaching so she reacted quickly pushing the first grader out of the way.

Q. Tell us about your recent Bronze Cross award you received through The Girl Scouts?

A. Well, the Bronze Cross is the highest award that a Girl Scout can receive. I got it because I pushed a first grader out of the way when a car came at us while we were in line to board the busses. It would have hit us if I hadn’t done that.

Q. Wow! What went through your head when you decided to make this very courageous act?

A. I just thought quickly to get this little boy out of the way of the car. I didn’t want to see anyone get hurt.

Q. Were you scared?

A. Yes. I was shaking after it happened, and partially crying. But, my bus friends made me feel better after.

Q. Along with being a Girl Scout you are also a straight A-student, participate in the swim team, and play instruments. What are some of your favorite things about these extra circulars you are involved in?

A. My favorite thing about band is playing and learning about my flute. I like swim team because of the different fun activities that we get to do. We also sometimes get to play sharks and minnows in the 12-foot deep area, and that is awesome.

Katie is a fifth grader, and in the gifted program at Francis Brandon Pickett Elementary.



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