Karan Has a Passion for Music and Helping Others

Rancho Solano Preparatory School Senior Karan Khosla possesses a myriad of talents ranging from National Merit Semi­-finalist to EPICS Generator first place award winner. While music is Karan’s greatest passion, an impressive list of accomplishments and interests are sure to inspire and challenge future RS graduates.

Playing violin for the Phoenix Youth Symphony and the RS orchestra, he began playing the instrument at age four. “I became serious with the violin in fifth grade when I joined the RS strings program where I was challenged to learn the hardest parts of many songs.” He will be competing in the Young Musician’s Competition this January.

Volunteering at Saint Mary’s Food Bank sorting, packing, and shipping food for the hungry, his enthusiasm for helping others was recognized at the ASU sponsored EPICS High Showcase. He and a classmate developed an instructional booklet for farmers in Peru to use worm castings to fertilize their crops from the waste produced by their farm animals. “This project was created to help farmers in Peru. They are poor people with primitive tools and ancient farming methods. Our goal was to help them improve their harvest and find ways to combat pests.”

Karan is currently an IB Diploma candidate and realizes that the IB Programme gives students an advantage in college and beyond. He states, “I’ve found that learning to question everything I do and applying cross­discipline knowledge is imperative to the success of my pursuits and interests.”

Karan is a senior at Rancho Solano Preparatory School.



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