Kainoa, Saint John Vianney Kindergartener, Talks Taekwondo and Family

Kainoa is the youngest of six children and lives with his mom and dad, four sisters and brother. He is a very kind and respectful young boy. He loves to spend time with his family, especially Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Sammy! Kainoa loves sports- his favorite football team is the SJV Eagles, and can’t wait to play for them in the fifth grade. He is currently a green belt in taekwondo and has received multiple awards. Kainoa loves school and is a great student, both in class and during mass. His love and understanding of God drive him to be loving and caring with his family, friends and teachers.

Q. Can you tell us about what you’re learning in taekwondo?
A. In taekwondo we learn poomsae, and kicks. We also learn to be respectful and support our team.

Q. What do you enjoy most so far about school?
A. What like best about school is learning. I love the stories about God. It’s fun to talk about them with my friends.
Q. Do you have a favorite book?
A. My favorite book is The Kissing Hand.

Q. What kinds of special things do you do with Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Sammy?
A. Special things I do with grandma and grandpa are camping, riding bikes and swimming at the pool. Grandpa teaches me to play the keyboard and drums. I cuddle with grandma when we’re watching tv or when she’s reading her book.

Q. What do you learn from your older siblings?
A. My siblings help me with homework and read to me. We love each other no matter what. Sebastian my older brother is my best buddy. He taught me to swim. We so proud of him, he just graduated from boot camp but we miss him so much.

Kainoa Camacho is a kindergartener at St. John Vianney.



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