Kaine Finds Success at Brightmont Academy

Kaine is a twice exceptional student, a student who is both gifted and also has been diagnosed with Asperger’s. While intellectually advanced for his age, medical and developmental issues made it difficult for Kaine to be successful in a traditional school setting. He was taking Advanced Placement Calculus and Advanced Placement Physics, which he enjoyed, but he needed a different teaching approach and more one­to­one attention.

Kaine’s mother, Erinn, was planning to homeschool Kaine. But after reviewing the options, she realized she was not prepared to provide instruction at the level that he needed, and she knew Brightmont Academy, a school that specializes in one­to­one instruction, would be a better fit.

Kaine transferred to Brightmont Academy when he was a junior, and he has attended for two years now. His mother said his confidence has increased tremendously, and he recently got a job.

“With the individualized, one­to­one approach at Brightmont Academy, Kaine is thriving,” said his mother. “Brightmont Academy also provides the flexibility for Kaine to pursue other interests, including his music.”

Kaine is an accomplished musician and he plays the Contra Bass for the North Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra. He shares his love of music by regularly mentoring another young Brightmont Academy student who has Autism.

“I really like the learning environment because I get to work at my own pace,” said Kaine. “At Brightmont Academy, I have an opportunity to take Advanced Placement Psychology and Advanced Placement Calculus, which is unusual for someone in high school. The flexible schedule allows me to participate in other extracurricular activities like orchestra.”



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