Kaden, Mason and Layla Benefit from Bilingual Environment

Kaden, Mason and Layla are all a part of the Spanish program at the International School of Arizona. Despite neither of their parents being fluent in Spanish, all of the children have thrived in the bilingual environment.

Q. How long have you all been at ISA?

A. Three years.

Q. What are the benefits of being bilingual?

A. Kaden: You can travel to different countries and get along with people.

Mason: You can talk in different languages and that’s cool.

Q. How do you think being bilingual will help you in the future?

A. Kaden: It will help you get into college.

Mason: And get jobs!

Q. What is your favorite part of ISA?

A. Layla: I like playing games in Spanish.

Kaden: I like having lots of friends and being bilingual.

Mason: I like speaking multiple languages and music class. I also like that so many kids don’t get to go to school and we go to school and get to learn two different languages.

Q. Tell me about a time you used Spanish in real life.

A. All kids: We went on a trip to Mexico to build houses and made friends that only spoke Spanish and we could talk to them!

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A. Layla: I want to be an ambulance driver.

Kaden: I want to be in the military.

Mason: I want to be in the Army and I want to speak 12 languages.

Kaden (third grade), Mason (second grade) and Layla (Kindergarten) all attend International School of Arizona.



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