Josi’s Success Story at Brightmont Academy

Josi’s family moved from Minnesota to Arizona during her senior year of high school. The family thought the move would be fairly seamless, as she was nearly finished with high school, but when they arrived, they realized Josi’s completed coursework was very different than what was required to graduate in Arizona. In Minnesota, Josi attended a “concept high school” with a heavy emphasis on the sciences, and her coursework did not translate well to Arizona requirements.

Despite the fact that she had more than 24 credits on her transcript—in courses like marine biology and pond­-side sociology—she was still deficient in many of her graduation requirements.

“Josi was very anxious about not being able to graduate on time after putting in so much work and effort into her coursework and learning in Minnesota,” said her mother, Peggy.

Fortunately for the family, they discovered Brightmont Academy, a school that specializes in one-­to­one instruction, which provided the solution they needed to keep Josie on track to graduate. Peggy worked closely with the campus director in Deer Valley to develop a hybrid program where she could take a couple of online courses on her own and work with Brightmont Academy teachers on the more difficult core courses. Now Josi is on track to graduate on time, and the family stayed within their desired budget.

“Josi really enjoys the environment at Brightmont Academy,” said Peggy. “She likes her teachers and the one-­to-­one instruction approach that the school provides. It’s been a great fit for what she needs.”

Josi is a senior at Brightmont Academy – Deer Valley Campus.



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