Joshua Laughlin Accepted to USD on Academic Scholarship

Tell us about yourself and your involvement at Youngker High School. I transferred to Youngker in November 2012 from Ohio and immediately became friends with my teammates on the soccer team. I enjoy learning in my honors and AP classes.

What do you aspire to be when you grow up? I will become an engineer, although I have not decided on a specialization yet.

Tell us about the college that you were accepted to or will be attending. I was accepted to both San Diego State University and University of SanDiego, but I will be attending University of San Diego in the Fall.

Tell us about the recent award you received for athletics. I received the title of MVP-All Section for Section III Division III for Boys Soccer. I also made 1st Team All-State for Boys Soccer.

What did you have to do to prepare to receive such a prestigious award? Have you received any academic or athletic scholarships? I prepared by training hard all season and off-season. I received academic scholarships from University of San Diego which should cover 75% of my total tuition costs for all 4 years of undergrad as long as I maintain my academic levels.

What will you major in? My major will be Mechanical Engineering, and I want to specialize in either Biomedical Engineering or Chemical Engineering. What is your favorite thing about your school? Tell us about a great teacher that you have (past or present). I really enjoy my classes and just learning in general. My favorite teacher this year is probably Mrs. Bosworth because she is witty, clever and makes Calculus interesting.

What is your favorite subject in school? My favorite subject is Calculus even though it is my most difficult class.



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