Joseph Talk Sports and Saint Thomas the Apostle School

Q. Tell us about your involvement with the seventh grade Catholic Youth Athletic Association championship team?

A. We went undefeated this year in flag football and almost in basketball (lost one game). On both teams, I had the privilege of being a key player, working with a great group of buddies. We have played together for years and we know how to get it done. We usually won our games by a huge margin, so things never got too stressful. Games were always a lot of fun. Our coach, Mr. Noel Byrne was a star basketball player at Syracuse University. He really knows the game. He’s an amazing coach. We smoked the competition because we’d go out there and run an offense that looked like a high school team. When we won the championship, it felt awesome and humbling at the same time. The first thing we did as a team was give thanks to God and Mr. Byrne for getting us there.

Q. Out of all of the sports you have played, which is your favorite?

A. Without a doubt, football is my favorite sport to play. It takes most of the class to make up the team. So when we win, the feeling is all the bigger and better. Mr. Ted Cruz, our coach, played a big part in leading us to the championship. He’s been a great inspiration at St. Thomas for years getting kids to do their best.

Q. You like to build things. What different kinds of things have you built?

A. I have built all kinds of Legos with small parts, later on things made out of wood, like chicken coups, and then some motors for motorizing bicycles. Now I find myself more interested in building relationships.

Q. What makes STA a great school?

A. STA is great because it’s an awesome community. The teachers and staff are really committed and respectful. They expect that from us. Like it says on a package of HEBREW NATIONAL HOT DOGS. ‘We answer to a higher authority’.

Q. What is your favorite part of attending STA?

A. My favorite part of attending STA comes from a feeling of really belonging there. I know I can show up and be myself. Some days are better than others, but I know my friends and teachers really care about me.

Q. Only using four words, how would you describe yourself?

A. Blessed, grateful, charitable and motivated.

Joseph is in the seventh grade at Saint Thomas the Apostle School.




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