Joseph Succeeds at Primavera Online High School

Joseph is a great kid who listens well, does his school work and his chores. He is smart and always motivated to learn and contribute.

Q. What are some of your favorite things about attending Primavera?

A. I like Primavera because it is a school that adapts to me, compared to a mortar school where you have to adapt to the schedule and at this school you make your own schedule. When you need help it’s just a message or a click away giving you a more accessible way to learn.

Q. What are your favorite subjects at the school and why?

A. I consider my favorite subjects the ones that I can easily understand, like technology or science because these subjects are more interesting to me and I like learning about them, probably that would be why I wouldn’t consider them to be difficult. Another subject I would like is math but this subject on the other hand I can consider to be difficult but can easily understand once I read through the explanation.

Q. What do you like to do in your spare time?

A. I like to socialize and make new friends, reading and learning about anything that involves technology or interesting facts, being able to get out to play sports or go out to social events with my school, friends or family. I also like to watch action/adventure movies and sitcoms on T.V.

Q. What do you wish to pursue as a career one day?

A. I wish to pursue a career in engineering as a mechanical engineer.

Q. What do you think makes a great kid?

A. What makes a great kid is a kid that wants to succeed at life, that doesn’t look to make wrong choices that will affect him in the future but perseveres in doing what’s right, being responsible and humble. A kid that looks back at his mistakes not to regret them but to reflect on them, does whatever it takes to be a better person in every aspect so that he can be remembered as that kid that always pursued to do his best at everything he did and was humble, caring and respectful. Finally and most importantly… what makes a great kid are the people those people that were there for him and raised him.

Joseph is a ninth grader at Primavera Online High School.



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