Jones-Gordon School Seventh Grader Talks Basketball and School

One thing you notice immediately about Ryan is his infectious smile. As his FLEX teacher Kathy says, “his smile is the ‘barometer’ for my teaching pedagogy and his learning success. When he’s taught a difficult concept, he perseveres until he ‘gets it’ and then that smile of hard-earned satisfaction (or relief!) sneaks onto his face. He recently told me, ‘I love this school…’ and went on to say that he can and loves to learn here, he feels at ease, and everyone gets along: staff, students, and anyone who comes onto the JGS campus. Respectful, welcoming, supportive, kind, friendly, and easy-going—that describes Ryan and it’s all communicated through his smile.”

Q. So, Ryan, Ms. Kathy says you reserve your BEST smiles for your #1 passion—sports! What’s your favorite?

A. Basketball! I’ve played since I was seven in different leagues and at my old school. I like everything about it: dribbling, passing, working as a team—it’s ALL fun.


Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A. Either an NBA player or a P.E. teacher… I’d love to get paid to play sports all day!


Q. P.E. is obviously your favorite class, but what else do you like at school?

A. Science, because when we get to blow things up, it’s fun. And FLEX hour; reading is my least favorite subject but Ms. Deb makes it fun. I also think it’s cool that we have all the animals here.


Q. How long have you been at The Jones-Gordon School?

A. This is my second year. I’m happy we have more after school sports teams this year!


Q. If you could meet anyone in the world, whom would you meet?

A. Either Michael Jordan or Steve Jobs. It would be so cool to hang out and spend a day with either of them.

Ryan Prewitt is a seventh grader at The Jones-Gordon School.



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