Jones Gordon School New Paradise Valley Campus

JGS students started the school year at their beautiful new Paradise Valley campus! The new campus is large enough to feel spacious, yet small enough to retain the close-knit, family-like community that Jones-Gordon is known for.

The campus boasts a new, comfortable “student union” where students can gather, eat lunch, play games, visit some of the Jones-Gordon critters (Uromastyx lizards Rae and Penny, and snakes Titan and Roger), or just relax. Another popular new addition is the Jones-Gordon art room and “maker space.” JGS student makers have the opportunity to build, create, engineer, and design any two- or three-dimensional project they can imagine!

While many students liked the ability to stay indoors to play during the hottest times of the year while at the former campus, they overwhelmingly agree that having so much outdoor space has been a welcome change. As third-grader Alexander says, “I’m not so much of a city boy—I like to connect with nature. JGS is now a greener school. It’s nice to be able to spend time outside, which I think is relaxing.”

Lower school students Lillian, Kadence, and Anna also like that aspect of the campus. They like having multiple playgrounds and being able to choose indoor or outdoor activities. Anna says that even hanging out in the outdoor pick-up area after school is nice. “We like to sit in the grass under the tree.”

High school student Ben explains that he always liked the old school building, but now he really likes the “wide open space” and the fact that students aren’t stuck inside all day. “I liked the indoor gym [at the old campus], but I really like playing basketball on the court outside.”

Fifth-grader Jaya’s favorite thing about the new campus, (next to the JGS animals!), is the maker space. “Sometimes we build things with the giant blue blocks, and sometimes I like to make art with Ms. Wendy. And then there’s still lots of time to play outside!”

Pictured: High school students Aidan and Daniel relax with a game in the Jones-Gordon student union at lunchtime.



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