Joanna Talks Girl Scouts and How SJV Helps her Succeed

Joanna is an honor roll student and an active student on campus at St. John Vianney. From a young age, both volleyball and Girl Scouts have taken center stage in her life. Joanna also enjoys bike rides, watching movies and baking. She is very polite and is always willing to help her fellow classmates and her younger brother.

Q. Can you tell us about your involvement in Girl Scouts?
A. I have been in Girl Scouts for about five years. Now that I am a Cadette, I have earned my baby sitting and CPR certificate.  Our activities consist always on great learning experiences, such as visiting the Biosphere and Kartchner Caverns.  Our troop has also participated in Catholic Scouting Camping retreats and other camp sites. I really enjoy been part of my GS troop.

Q. What has been most influential about St. John Vianney?
A. St. John Vianney has help me become a more confident young person. My parents had taught me to have faith in God, good values and morals. St. John Vianney Catholic School reinforces what my parents have taught me. I have been a lector and an altar server in school masses/ Sunday mass.

Q. What do you enjoy about having a younger brother? What do you hope to teach him?
A. Having a younger brother is a lot of fun. We get along really well most of the time. Sometimes we disagree, but we work through our differences. I hope I can teach my brother how to become a better person, and help someone in need. I always love helping him with school work.

Q. Who do you bake with at home? What is your favorite treat to bake?
A. At home I bake with my mom and dad. My favorite treat to bake is cheesecake and flan.

Joanna Zaragoza is a sixth grader at St. John Vianney Catholic School.



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