JMPS Junior Receives Patriot of The Summer Award and Talks Music and Art

Ana is a second year student who has made great leaps in joining JMPS school community. She was nominated as our Patriot of the Summer. Lots of people helped get the JMPS campus ready for the school year, but Ana was on campus more than anyone else, almost everyday! JMPS appreciates Ana’s gift of work and time to James Madison.

Q. You were nominated as ‘Patriot of the Summer’ for your help with getting JMPS ready for this school year. Tell us more about what you did to help?

A. I painted and organized; I cleaned and moved classrooms (JMPS added sixth Grade this year), cleaned campus and helped the teachers get classrooms ready.

Q. This summer you taught yourself some instruments tell us more about that?

A. I got a Ukele I was learning how to play and, I enjoyed that so much. Then my grandpa bought a guitar for me and I’ve been learning that as well. I am learning the basics right now and know a few songs. I taught myself through YouTube, apps, and mostly practice. I like that I can create and recreate music that I enjoy and play the songs for myself. I get to be a part of the song, the music, and the instrument itself. It just becomes your right or left arm for some people. It’s putting my feeling into words or expressing a feeling through music.

Q. You are also an artist what is your favorite thing to sketch? Paint?

A. People and moments. Different moments in time that I find interesting or places that I like. I draw people that I see that look interesting. They look like they have a story. I feel like I am relaxed and peaceful and calm. Helps my mind exercise. I feel like the emotion of the drawing. I want to practice more realism and just improve as an artist.

Q. What is one thing that motivates you to help others in need?

A. At one point in time I was feeling similar feelings and I don’t want them to feel that. It brings me happiness. I like making others lives better. If others are happy then I am happy. I want to make sure people are taken care of and have a sense of hope for the future. A small difference makes a big difference for them. Like the butterfly effect, something small to me might be big for them. I’m happy if I give them a sense of relief in a way.

Ana is a junior at James Madison Preparatory School.



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