Jillian Trent, 3rd Grader at The Odyssey Preparatory Academy, Follows Core Values

“Jillian is a scholar ambassador to the administration and an example of our Odyssey Core Values to the public. She has a variety of responsibilities including morning announcements and presenting awards at our school wide celebration. She is an excellent scholar and an example to her peers.”-Ken Olsen, Principal

What are some of the responsibilities you have at your school? One of my responsibilities is to practice my recorder, and to get to school on time. I also have to bring a water bottle every day.

What is your best subject in school? Why do you like this one the best? My favorite subject is either math or science. I like math because you learn a lot and it’s just fun. Science I like because I learn a lot of interesting and cool things.

What does it mean to be a scholar ambassador? Last year the teachers choose one scholar from each class and then we went to the principal and he asked us a bunch of questions. Then he picked an ambassador for each grade. I was picked for 3rd grade. Every morning I say the Core Values on the loud speaker. An example of a core value is: “Growth isn’t always measured by test scores.”At Kudos (monthly award/recognition ceremony for the whole school) I read the nominations for IB Scholar profiles and sometimes do the announcements. It also means my teacher trusts me.

If you were to have one wish to use on anything, what would you wish for? A million dollars to help poor people.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Either a Christian singer or a dancer.



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