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Featuring answers from Jones-Gordon 11th and 12th grade students Noah, Tristin, London, Chase, Joshua, Cameron, and De’Angelo

Last fall, The Jones-Gordon School saw the inception of their specialized college and career readiness program, JGS Connect. This year, its 11th- and 12th- grade members have diverse post-secondary interests, ranging from Statistics to Classics and everything in between. They spend an hour and a half each week exploring college and career interests and learning exactly what it will take to succeed in the next stage of life.

Q. What does a typical day in JGS Connect look like?

Tristin: You walk in to smiles. You walk in knowing you’re in a safe environment where everyone loves seeing your face and you’re in a good place to learn.

Chase: We learn some valuable things in JGS Connect. It’s preparing us for college by teaching us all of the intricacies of the admissions process and helping us figure out what we want to study.

Q. What have you learned in JGS Connect so far?

Cameron: Recently, we’ve been learning about choosing a career and a major and figuring out what we can do with it depending on what paths we take.

Chase: We’re being taught how to do research into specific degrees we’re interested in and what careers correspond to those degrees, which has been very beneficial.

Q. What activities have you done?

Joshua: We did this interesting [activity where] we were each given a card with specific info, and depending on the information on your card, you’d either take a step forward or take a step back. It was representative of all the steps we take in order to go to college. For example, “Your GPA is 3.9. Take two steps forward.” Or, “You didn’t do any community service during high school. Take a step back.”

Chase: That activity was interesting because it taught us that, even though GPA is important, it’s not the “end-all, be-all” when it comes to admissions. You can have an excellent GPA, but you can also be very strong in other areas such as volunteer hours and extra curriculars. So if your GPA isn’t the greatest, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to college. There are a lot of other factors that contribute to getting into college.

Q. What are your plans for next year?

Tristin: I would love to attend an in-state college and major in English or Journalism. I found out through this program that I would make a good journalist, which I had never thought about before, but I like that idea a lot.

Noah: I plan on going to college on scholarship. Right now, I would love to play basketball, but either way I plan on majoring in Biology because that’s something I really enjoy.

De’Angelo: After high school, I would like to go into a career in sales or business.

Joshua: I plan to attend college somewhere on the West Coast. I’m going to go into something involving a combination of math and sports, such as Statistics.

Chase: My plans are to attend college. Whether that’ll be a community college or university, I’m not entirely certain yet, but I know I want to pursue an education in the Literary Arts.

London: I’m planning to go to Barrett at ASU and pursue a major in Mathematics.

Q. What’s your favorite part about JGS Connect?

Chase: It gives me a sense of security. You can never be entirely certain what your future will hold, but JGS Connect gives us the tools to better chart our course in life.

Noah: I think years from now, JGS Connect is going to be something that’s just a regular thing in all high schools. I guarantee you some of us will look back in 20 years and say, “Man, if I didn’t do this class, where would I be now.”



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