Jason Attends FARE Teen Summit as Arizona Representative

Jason went to Washington, D.C. to represent Arizona at the FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) Teen Summit

Q. Tell us what you like best about your school.

A. I like that almost every kid in my school is nice and I like my science and technology classes. I’d like to be an astrophysicist when I grow up, so those classes are interesting to me. I like that our school has fun things like Funfest every year.

Q. Any favorite teachers? Why?

A. I switch classes every hour so I have a lot of teachers I like. My tech teacher, Mr. Russell, is really friendly and gives us cool ways to learn about technology like coding games. My social studies teacher, Mr. Williams, has a welcoming personality. I like Mrs. Amerhein a lot because she is really funny and she is always pushing me at my level. Mrs. Ray teaches science, one of my favorite classes, and she comes up with cool ways to learn it. My homeroom teacher is Mrs. Sanford and she is good at explaining things.

Q. Tell us about the FARE Teen Summit.

A. It was very exciting to go to the FARE Teen Summit and meet other teens from all over the United States that have food allergies like I do. We talked about staying safe in school and on trips and even in relationships. I attended a discussion with a Virginia senator about how to get food allergy laws passed. There was lots of useful and interesting information there. One of my favorite things was where we set a Guinness World Record for the biggest food allergy awareness lesson ever. At this lesson, doctors talked about how important it is to always carry epinephrine when you have a food allergy. There were other teens that talked about their anaphylaxis (where their airway closed) and how scary it is. I know about this too because I had an anaphylactic attack about two years ago.

Q. How did you feel about being chosen to represent Arizona?

A. I felt thrilled to be picked to be on the Youth Advisory Board for FARE because my new year’s resolution was to help others. Honestly, I didn’t think I would get chosen because they only chose 23 teens this year.

Q. What are some things you like to do for fun?

A. I play tennis and soccer. I am a brown belt in karate. I build Legos, play video games and hang out with friends and family. I also love diving in the summer.

Jason is a sixth grader at St. Francis Xavier School.



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