James Madison Prep Senior, Sam Haggard, Well-Rounded Leader on Campus

Sam is a positive and well-rounded leader on campus. Sam is involved in football, baseball, theater, and the student led supreme court. This year Sam was nominated to be the supreme court justice as a Senior. He is kind and gracious to those around him and works hard both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities, being a leader to both peers and underclassman alike. He is involved in many aspects around campus and maintains an honor roll GPA at the same time. What many admire most about Sam is his humble attitude in the midst of all his many accomplishments. Few high school guys could do as many things as he does in a year and not be a little arrogant, but Sam is instead gracious, sincere, and humble. He seeks to better the team or the group through his actions and is never one to seek the limelight. He’s a Star Wars fanatic and a lover of all things baseball, especially the AZ Diamondbacks. His teachers, parents and peers could not be prouder of the wonderful young man he has become over these last several years, and everyone’s excited to see him take on senior year.

Q. As a senior, what are your expectations for taking the role of Supreme Court Justice?
A. I expect it to be like any other leadership role that I’ve had and that is to lead by example. I will strive to always be fair and impartial in the judgments I make. As Chief Justice, I can model how to be a good student and help underclassmen make better decisions.

Q. How do you maintain your stellar academic performance with all of your extracurricular activities? Do you have any tips for your underclassman?
A. I maintain my academic performance along with extracurriculars by setting priorities for myself. I have found that being involved with extracurricular activities and maintaining my classwork helps me better manage my time. I would encourage participation in extracurricular activities as it will establish or improve your work ethic and time management skills. Doing extracurriculars will help improve your work in school in many ways, by being part of a team or group, it can help with leadership qualities, work ethic, and time management as mentioned before. When you’re in a sport it helps drive you to do better in school, so you have an opportunity to excel on the field.

Q. What are your plans after high school?
A. My plan is to attend college and earn my degree in physical therapy.

Q. How has James Madison Prep prepared you for your future?
A. The James Madison Code of Conduct has greatly improved my character and level of maturity. My work ethic improved immensely my junior year. The teachers, the coursework, and the extracurricular activities have taught me how to work hard and how to better manage my time. All the plays, sports, student council positions, instrument groups have opened ways for me to express myself, help improve my character, help improve me as a leader, and help with all the traits of the Code of Conduct

Q. Give us your best Star Wars quote:
A. “I find your lack of faith disturbing”. Darth Vader

Q. What do you do in your free time?
A. I love watching the Diamondbacks play. Currently, I spend most of my free time writing a book that I am working on. My book deals with self-doubt of people and how they sell themselves short. Through this fiction, action adventure, the main character deals with self-judgment and doubt, although this isn’t the main storyline. The entire book deals with these undercurrent ideas.



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