James Madison Prep Senior, Adam Murray, Talks Acting

Adam is a senior, and recently undertook the arduous task of being the lead in the JMPS original fall production of “A Christmas Carol 2.0.” Adam played the character Scrooge and demonstrated his impressive theatrical talent in that role. Adam has been an instrumental male member of the JMPS theater program for the last few years, and his final debut will be in the current production of “Chicago.” Adam is a quiet leader and it was amazing for his peers to watch him step up into a prominent role this fall, carrying the burden of the lead character with strength and poise. In addition, Adam was also playing on the JMPS football team, which won the championship during the fall while he was rehearsing for the play. Adam is an excellent example of what a well-rounded student looks like!

Q. Can you tell us about A Christmas Carol 2.0? What was your role?
A. The Christmas Carol 2.0 was a spoof off the orignal. It was set in modern times and filled with many references to popular celebrities, relevant events, and controversial topics. It still had its same old plot with Scrooge, the Cratchits, and of course the ghosts. I was lucky enough to be able to play Scrooge. Scrooge was an awesome character to play, I was able to show a variety of emotions; from grumpy, angry, sad, desperation, horror, ignorance, and overwhelming joy. This was my first time ever being a lead, it was a lot of work but worth it. I am so happy that I was able to have this experience. It was great to see the audience’s reaction and see how much they enjoyed it.

Q. What’s your role in Chicago? Since it’s your last debut, what will you miss the most?
A. I have a few smaller roles in Chicago, an assistant to a detective, and Harrison the lawyer prosecutor to Billy Flynn (Logan Murray, my brother). But I’m very happy to say I’m in a ton of cool dances. The number “Cell Block Tango” from the show is my favorite. I get to be killed multiple times by the female prisoners (It’s fun I swear). I will most definitely miss the theatre the most from the school. I’ve enjoyed all the plays and musicals I’ve done and all the relationships I built with people.

Q. What does being a Supreme Court Judge entail?
A. At our school everyone is involved in the government. It is modeled after our government in the U.S. I am one of the nine judges of the Supreme Court, which is part of the judicial branch. When a student gets a ticket we decide the punishment, making sure the punishment fits the “crime”. To become a judge you have to model the code of conduct that our school follows. You need to be an exemplary citizen so it is an honor to be chosen to be one of the judges.



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