Jake Swims His Way to Championships

Jake is a sophomore on the PCDS state champion swim team. He’s a great young man, good friend, and model PCDS student. He has also broken multiple PCDS swim records this year, and could be a highly recruited college athlete.

Q. You a member of the Phoenix Swim Club. How long have you been on this team?

A. I have been on the Phoenix Swim Club ever since the 5th grade. My main events are the 100-yard butterfly, the 200-yard freestyle, and the 100-yard freestyle. My greatest accomplishment in swimming so far has definitely been breaking multiple school records.

Q. Tell us how you led the PCDS Varsity team to the Boys’ 3A State Championship?

A. I qualified for multiple events at state and swam the maximum amount of four events allowed at state. Of the four events, I medaled in three and was the highest placing sophomore in all of my events.

Q. You have been at PCDS since the fifth grade. What is your favorite thing about attending PCDS?

A. My favorite part about PCDS is how great the teachers are. They are so open to helping whenever a student needs it and really push for the overall success of the students.

Q. You also have a 4.0 GPA, how do you do it all? What do you think inspires you the most to be the best kid you can be?

A. It takes a lot of planning to make sure everything gets done. Every evening, I try to think through what I am going to accomplish the following day. When things get really tough, I just think about my swim practices. Nothing will every be as challenging as a practice led by my coach, Mike Maczuga. Most of the time, when the volume of work builds up, I just put my head down and power through it. I try not to worry about being better than others. All I can control is how much effort I put in to every endeavor. When I put in as much effort as I can, the outcome is usually positive, and I never walk away wondering how things might have been if I’d made a greater commitment.

Q. What are you looking forward to most this summer?

A. Though the majority of my summer will be dedicated to getting faster in the swimming pool, it’s hard not to look most forward to riding my horse through the Tetons.

Jake Rodin is a Sophomore at Phoenix Country Day School .



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