Jacob, Junior at JMPS, Talks Student Government and Academics

Jacob Hickey is a junior at James Madison Prep. His leadership is shown throughout the campus in the classroom, as well as in his athletics. Not only does he excel academically, he is also a starter on the football, basketball and volleyball teams. He is involved in student government and his family is currently hosting a foreign exchange student, Luca, from Italy.

Q. What is your role in student government? What impact do you have (or hope to have) in your school?

A. My role in the student government this year is being one of the nine judges for our schools court system. I hope to set a good example for the younger student at James Madison. I want to get more people involved with the culture the school has because I had that sort of guidance when I came here.

Q. Involved in so many sports, theater… how do you balance it all with your studies and home life?

A. Balancing all of the activities I am involved in with my academic and home life can be difficult at times. I am a big believer in hard work, and having the go get it mindset. During school, on the field, or after practice I am always working hard to get what I need done. Working ahead has also been a skill I have picked up on. When I am able to get my work done as soon as it is assigned, it allows me to be able to spend more time with my friends and family. Another way that helps me balance everything I am involved in is being surrounded by the right people. Having friends, teammates, coaches, and family members who push me to be my best self has been one of the biggest helps. Using all of this I have been able to keep a high GPA, and have academic rewards like Roll of Scholars.

Q. You moved from Chicago to Arizona a couple years ago. As a teen, what was most difficult to adjust to? What do you like most about Arizona?

A. I moved to Arizona from the Chicago area in December of 2015. Starting school at a new place was the most difficult thing to adjust to. I have never gone to a different area for school before, and I had to leave all my friends behind. During the first week of attending James Madison, I felt like I belonged. The culture at James Madison was very different than what I was used to. At my previous high school there were more than 2,000 people. James Madison was a very small school from what I was used to, but the culture has grown on me. The thing I like most about Arizona is the weather. From the time I was little I have always loved warm weather. The winters in Chicago are not very fun to live in, and they can be frustrating because it causes issues with transportation and school.

Q. Hosting a foreign exchange student must be very exciting! What do you enjoy most about hosting Luca?

A. I have always wanted a brother that I would be able to hang out with. Luca and I have already developed a strong bond and I consider him my brother. I enjoy trying to learn Italian by talking to Luca because it is a language I have always wanted to learn. I also enjoy having someone in the house that is involved in what I am. I think it is fun to show Luca around Arizona. I am having fun showing Luca the American culture.

Q. Such an ambitious student must have big plans. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A. In ten years I plan on having a college degree in international business and owning my own business. I can see myself importing and exporting items to and from America. I plan to have traveled to different countries. I can also see myself doing an exchange year in college to learn about different cultures.

Jacob is a junior at James Madison Preparatory School.



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