Jack’s Success Story at Brightmont Academy – Scottsdale Campus

Jack, who is now 17, has struggled his entire academic life with managing his coursework and staying focused. He was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age and he finds managing four to five classes at a time overwhelming.

His parents thought a boarding school might help, but eventually they realized that Jack needed a different school environment. They were relieved to discover the Brightmont Academy Scottsdale campus, a school that specializes in one-­to-­one instruction, and they knew the unique learning approach would be a good fit for Jack.

His mother, Elizabeth, worked together with the campus leaders to develop a customized schedule for Jack to focus on just two classes at a time. He is currently taking math and English, and once he feels confident in those subjects, he will move on to science and social studies.

“He is thriving at Brightmont Academy,” said Jack’s mother, Elizabeth. “The school has set him up to be successful. The attention and guidance the teachers provide enables him to flourish on his own, and he is moving at a much faster pace than he did previously.”

With Brightmont Academy’s flexible schedule, Jack has found more time to pursue his goals. In the future he plans to launch a clothing company, and he is working full time at Harkins Theatres where he is learning about sales, managing money and honing his business skills. He also has more time to pursue his other hobby, photography, and he will be taking pictures at his cousin’s wedding in July.

“We knew Brightmont Academy would be tremendously beneficial to his academic success, but we have been pleasantly surprised by the number of social connections and the network of friends he has developed at the school,” said Elizabeth. “We feel fortunate to have found such a great solution for our family.”

Jack is 17 and attends Bightmont Academy – Scottsdale Campus.



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