Jack Talks Legos and Hockey

Jack is in fourth grade at Christ Church School and has a kind, enthusiastic spirit and many interests including Legos and hockey.

Q. You love Legos building tell us about that? What is the your favorite type of Legos to build? What is the biggest Lego you have ever built?

A. I love building Legos because I like to get creative and use my imagination. My favorite Legos are Lego star wars. I once built a 6,000-piece Lego that was an artic boat.

Q. Tell us bout you involvement in street hockey? What made you get involved in this sport? How often do you play? What position?

A. I love both street and ice hockey. I started playing two years ago on a team at the ice den. I play forward. I practice one day a week and one game a weekend.

Q. What do you wish to be when you grow up?

A. When I grow up I want to be an architect, hockey player or chef

Q. What do you love most about Christ Church School?

A. I love the academics and classes we take. I like seeing my teachers and friends every day. We have lots of fun learning. I love our field trip to chapel rock.

Jack is is in fourth grade at Christ Church School.



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