ISWG Hosts Third Annual Relay Recess to Raise Money For Cancer

Third to fifth grade students at Imagine West Gilbert Elementary hosted their 3rd Annual Relay Recess, which is a modified version of the Relay for Life.  They raised almost $800 to donate to the American Cancer Society.

Guest speaker, Mr. Zaben, spoke at our morning assembly and shared with the students and staff his long, hard fought battle against cancer. He helped create a stronger awareness of healthy living to reduce the risk of cancer.

What did you think about the service project that took place at Imagine West Gilbert?

Eloy S. (5th grade) – I thought it was good and very helpful to other kids that have cancer because there are many people fighting the battle.

How did you help with the Annual Relay Recess?

Shadow H. (5th grade)- I helped by selling the otter pops and cutting them for the children purchasing them while they were walking to enjoy on the hot day.  The money from the sales went to cancer research and to help prevent cancer. 

Why did your family contribute to the American Cancer Society at your school?

Abby B. (4th grade) – We wanted to help stop cancer because my uncle died from cancer.

Your school raised $800 during the relay recess and the money goes to help with cancer research, how do you feel about that?

Myla B. (1st grade)- Good because my mom had cancer and she is getting better and we want to help other people get better. 

(Photo above: Front to Back – Myla B., Shadow H., Eloy S., Abby B.)




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