ISA Kindergartener, Rainie, Talks Gymnastics


Rainie enjoys gymnastics, golf, tennis, fishing, art, horseback riding, and playing with friends. She speaks Spanish, English, and some French. Rainie is a great kid because loves to make people happy. Her smile brightens the room and she enjoys helping others.

Q. You know how to speak some Spanish and French what are your favorite words in each language?

A. I like the word pizza in any language!

Q. What is your favorite thing about attending ISA? 

A. I like the teachers and the kids at ISA.

Q. You enjoy gymnastics how long have you been involved with this?

A. I have been in gymnastics for three years.

Q. What is your favorite event in gymnastics? 

A. My favorite event in gymnastics is the floor routine. 

Q. Where do you practice?

A. I practice at Xtreme Gymnastics and at home.

Q. You are also involved in many other things after school what is your favorite?

A. Swimming and horseback riding.

Q. Do you have anything exciting happening this summer?

A. My family returns to Iowa for the summer and we fish, ride horses, golf, and spend time with family.

Rainie is a kindergartener at International School of Arizona.



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