International School of Arizona Kindergartener Talks Karate and School

Q. You are involved in Karate what is your favorite move?

A. The back fist is my favorite.

Q. What color is your belt?

A. My belt is white with an orange strip.

Q. What do you like most about karate?

A. The games we play; ship deck and rope jump.

Q. Why do you love ISA? What are great about your teachers?

A. I love getting to read with the forth graders and being a mathematician. I like my teacher Leticia because she gives us work to help us learn.

Q. What is your favorite language to learn at school?

A. Chinese.

Q. What is your favorite place that you have ever traveled to?

A. London because I got to see my best friend, and we got to ride bikes together and go on the eye of London.



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