Illusion Talks West-MEC Energy and Industrial Technology Program

Q. Tell us about the program you are taking at West-MEC?

A. The program I am taking is Energy and Industrial Technology, and I absolutely love it. It’s challenging, fun, and hands on. I feel like it really depicts what we’ll be doing in our future without it being mere bookwork. The staff is super friendly, and helpful. I can tell they are excited about our program, and its establishment. 

Q. You are also a college student tell us about that?

A. The college courses I am taking are part of my general education. I recently finished my English 101 credit, and am currently working on my English 102 credit to have when I graduate high school. It’s challenging to be involved in so much, academically, but it’s going to pay off along with it being a unique experience that not all my peers can go through. 

Q. How is West-MEC’s program preparing you for the future?

A. West-MEC doesn’t focus on teaching us how to use a wrench, but works with NCCER standards to make us aware of how we present ourselves, how we maintain an environment safe, what the future holds for us, and much more. The elements they teach us are fundamentals that will help us through whichever path we decide to take, and open many doors to us being that it is so credible. 

Q. Tell us about your junior/senior-modeling group for senior photography?

A. Very recently, I met Tonia Johnston, who is a photographer that works with event, sport, and senior photography. Every year, she recruits juniors and seniors throughout the area to join her team, and take pictures of to spread the popularity of her name. The models are from various different areas of Phoenix, and have very different cultures and personalities which makes the entire thing that much more fun and exciting. 

Q. What do you want to be when you “grow up?”

A. When my life starts to unravel, I plan to attend Arizona State University and study Engineering. After, I hope to get a job as a Mechanical Engineer. 



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