If We Build It…..All Will Come!

Welcome to Imagine West Gilbert’s Reading Garden. This dream began and grew to reality under the inspiration and hard work of the “Reading Buddy” classrooms led by teachers Michele Triebel (first grade) and Jane Debatty (eighth grade).

Weekly, the two classrooms would meet and explore together the wonderful world of reading. As their friendships grew, so too emerged an exciting idea….an outdoor place to read! Within one month, the plan to make the dream a reality was taking shape. Implementing S.T.E.M. the Reading Buddies designed the garden, took measurements, developed a price list of costs to complete the project and wrote business proposals seeking donations.

The effort and tenacity exhibited by these students was inspiring to many. Due to their efforts, the community came together to support their dream. Local businesses donated not only materials, but also labor. Parents pitched in too. Many weekends were spent digging, weeding, planting and building the garden. It truly took a “village” to make the vision a reality. The garden will serve all students by providing them an outdoor educational experience. Classes such as art, home and music will be enjoying the garden as well! The ribbon cutting ceremony took place on May 20, Senator Kelli Ward cut the ribbon and welcomed the students. We welcome everyone to come visit the Reading Garden at Imagine West Gilbert!



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